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Ativan is a drug used to treat anxiety. The generic version of Ativan is known as Lorazepam. The class of drugs it belongs to are known as benzodiazepines. These drugs produce a calming effect through the central nervous system by increasing the effects GABA, which is a natural chemical in the body.

The drug is known to be effective, and may be used, for other purposes that are not part of the approved labeling. When a health care professionals prescribes this drug for one of these other purposes, it is known as off label usage. These other uses include relieving alcohol withdrawal symptoms, relieving the side effects of chemotherapy, and for insomnia (trouble sleeping). 


This drug should be taken orally in the prescribed dose as directed by your doctor. Because it effects the central nervous system there could be some serious side effects, especially if the drug is abused or not taken as directed. The drug may cause addiction and this risk is increased if the patient has abused alcohol or drugs in the past. Withdrawal reactions may occur if you stop using this drug abruptly. The doctor may need to reduce the dose gradually to wean the patient off the drug and avoid withdrawal reactions.

Withdrawal symptom can include seizures, mood changes, hallucinations, short term memory loss and many other problems. These severe side effects can be avoided or minimized by following your doctors instructions for the drugs use. Another problem is that the drug may become ineffective when used for a long time. Tell the doctor if and when the drug stops working well. You may need to be weaned off the drug and try alternative treatment for your condition.

Anxiety can be quite debilitating, especially when it is severe. It prevents people from functioning normally in their given environment. Ativan works well to relieve anxiety for most people. It can help people get their lives back when anxiety takes over, causing panic attacks and constant worry over things that are out of ones control. Almost all prescription drugs have side effects, the key is to manage the side effects properly. Tell your doctor about your anxiety so you can get treatment needed. But, also tell your doctor about any history of alcohol or drug abuse or
addictions, so the doctor can determine if Ativan is the right treatment for you and properly manage side effects that appear. Also keep your doctor informed about how well the drug is working or any other health related issues that may arise while on the drug. The more informed your doctor is the better able he or she will be to help manage your condition and any side effects you experience from the prescription drugs you take.



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